Canaan Online - FAQ

Who do I call when I have an issue?
Our support team will try to assist with any issue. If it is a problem using the software, you can email our support team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone: 870-330-7007. If it is a question about the data, you may need to contact that provider. The provider information is located in the Available Counties Listing. Click HERE to view.

Who do I call if I am having a problem with something that is not Canaan Online?
Our support team will try to assist if possible, but it may require you to place a call to your computer vendor.

How do I get updates?
The first time a client uses Canaan Online, their computer will automatically update to the most current version of the software.

What version of Internet Explorer do I have to use?
Canaan Online does not use Internet Explorer. It is a Microsoft application and does require that you are using Microsoft Windows, but does not require Internet Explorer.

How do I get billed for services?
During the signup process, you provided an Invoice Contact Person and eMail address. This person will receive and eMail the first day of each month with information about the prior month transactions.

How can I view my current Activity?
Once you have logged in, select "Account", then "Current Activity".

How can I change my Password?
You can change your password online. Once you have logged in, select "File" then "Change Password". You will need to enter your current password, then the new password twice.

How can I get a copy of my invoice?
Invoices are created the first business day of each month and are available for you to view online. Once you have logged in, select "Account", then "Invoices".

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