CD Production

What is CD Production?
CD Production is the process of your staff providing our support team with a current backup of your database & images. Most of the time this would be a tape backup, or USB drive. The images are then archived onto CD's that will be sent back to you to be placed on your server to retrieve images from your title plant software. Our team will also provide you with a current SQL backup on CD. We will also work with your staff to assure that your nightly backup is working properly, and your files are safe & secure in case they are lost you can get them back.

Can anyone else see my file?
No. Your data is absolutely private. It remains with our staff at all times. As soon as the archive process is complete, your new CD's and backups are mailed back to you.

Can I make my own CD's?
Some of our larger customers do create their own archived images on CD's or DVD's. As part of our service, restoring your backups on our servers to create archived images is a great way to make sure your SQL backups, and images can be restored if you have a server to fail.


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